Cloud-Optimized Point Clouds (COPC)

An Introduction to Cloud-Optimized Point Clouds (COPC)

The LASER (LAS) file format is designed to store 3-dimensional (x,y,z) point cloud data typically collected from LiDAR. An LAZ file is a compressed LAS file and a Cloud-Optimized Point Cloud (COPC) file is a valid LAZ file.

COPC files are similar to COGs for GeoTIFFs: Both are valid versions of the original file format but with additional requirements to support cloud-optimized data access. In the case of COGs, there are additional requirements for tiling and overviews. For COPC, data must be organized into a clustered octree with a variable-length record (VLR) describing the octree structure.


Stay tuned for more information on COPC in future releases of this guide.